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To turn a lead into a recurring business or referral, you need more than just a good website.

In this aspect, we analyze your company in terms of questions such as: How are orders processed? How are inquiries answered? How do you deal with Omni Channel? How good is the customer service etc?

The purpose of the analysis is to create a uniform customer experience independent of the communication medium used by the customer in order to avoid personnel-related actions as far as possible. A demand for a product over the phone can often be avoided by better product texts. Questions about the order status can be answered quickly and easily on the Internet by tracking links for the customer. This saves valuable working time for employees, which is then available for other activities. The topic of customer service is also extremely important, because today a customer quickly shares his bad experiences on social media channels while good experiences are rarely shared. Feedback requests can close this gap and help to further optimize the processes.

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