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Digital Marketing

The methods used here are based on concrete numbers, in contrast to traditional marketing. With Digital Marketing you can see exactly how many visitors visit your website, where they left the website, how long they stayed on which websites, etc.

The goal is to use these insights to improve the customer journey on the website, to drive more visitors to the touchpoints and to optimize the conversions so that more visitors to your website contact you or shop in the online shop.

Often it is little things that make the difference between success and failure. Sometimes a button is too small or inconspicuous. Sometimes a button on mobile devices is not visible. The menu is often too complicated and much more.

With the help of Analytics we put on the glasses of the customer and follow the behavior of the visitor on the website.

Another component is the optimization of the content for search engines SEO in order to bring more organic traffic to your site. More visitors and optimized customer experience on your website bring you more leads and more business.

Competitive analysis and the use of social media strategies (not every social media network is suitable for every company or product) are also part of our expertise.


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